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About Us

The office serves as the strategic center for VUU communications and supports the University’s strategic plan through the implementation of a comprehensive, integrated marketing and communications program designed to position the university in a positive and proactive manner.

Responsibilities & Services

The Office of Brand Marketing & Strategic Communications covers a broad range of responsibilities including but not limited to media/public relations, publications, web communications and social media, and visual design (photography and graphic design).  The office also provides a wide range of services in support of campaign communications, constituent communications, and development communications.

To meet the University’s needs, our services can be pointed and narrowly defined, such as creating a single press release; or they can be broad.  Sometimes our office creates a simple but effective poster advertising an upcoming departmental lecture; other times, we coordinate the marketing for an entire campus-wide initiative. No matter how a challenge is defined, we look forward to collaborating with each other and with our client—the University community.
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