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About VUU Marketing

The Office of Brand Marketing & Strategic Communications at Virginia Union University (VUU) conducts a variety of public relations activities, communications, and various other initiatives designed to increase public awareness of the University. The office serves as the strategic center for VUU communications and supports the University’s strategic plan through the implementation of a comprehensive, integrated marketing and communications program designed to position the university in a positive and proactive manner.

Responsibilities & Services

The Office of Brand Marketing & Strategic Communications covers a broad range of responsibilities including but not limited to media/public relations, publications, web communications and social media, and visual design (photography and graphic design).  The office also provides a wide range of services in support of campaign communications, constituent communications, and development communications.

To meet the University’s needs, our services can be pointed and narrowly defined, such as creating a single press release; or they can be broad.  Sometimes our office creates a simple but effective poster advertising an upcoming departmental lecture; other times, we coordinate the marketing for an entire campus-wide initiative. No matter how a challenge is defined, we look forward to collaborating with each other and with our client—the University community.
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